A Center for Remembering our Wholeness
Zoana is an extraordinary energy worker whose insightful intuition and deep connection with the spiritual realm has been tremendously helpful to me in my own journey of integration and healing.                                          Patricia Pearce                 Teacher, Energy Worker, Writer  
Zoana has been my Alexander technique teacher for almost twenty years. Of all the healing arts  practitioners, whose wonderful modalities  I have experienced, Zoana is my favorite. Her  sensitive, skilled hands always invite my body and psyche in to the healing moment in the most profound way that seem so effortless and full of joy. No matter how painful or difficult my life may be at a moment, I leave her studio with new insights, full of hope and confidence, and my body feels grounded and floating at the same time. Zoana has also been on my faculty of my Body-Psychotherapy School for many years, and students have benefited from her extraordinary fined tuned teachings. I am truly blessed to be on a playful, healing journey with Zoana                                                         Ute Arnold,                                Unergi Body Psychotherapist
As a person with a sensitive emotional constitution, my 20 year period of working in stress-filled high technology workplaces has been especially challenging, and has resulted in occasional mental, emotional and physical disruptions. During a five-year span of time, I sought periodic help from Zoana to help me explore how my health and wholeness were being adversely affected by workplace stressors which were triggering deeply ingrained patterns of physical and mental reactivity.  To this task Zoana brought her skills as trained Alexander Technique teacher as well as her specialized awarenesses and intuitions.  As someone  with deep, volatile energies, I needed a mind-body practitioner  who could work spaciously with me in an improvisational, playful and serious manner, someone who could keep focus in the presence of confusing chaos and help me to remember my natural movements - physical, emotional and spiritual - and who could help me increase my awareness of my internal alchemy and habits.  It's a lot to ask of a single person, but it turned out that Zoana was peculiarly suited for this role.  Sensitive and kind, a kind of quiet, steady and supportive prompter, she traveled alongside me in my explorations, offering a presence, word, touch, mirror or question.  One nice habit she had with me was asking "I wonder what would happen if...?" The question itself presupposes strength necessary to handle the answer, even an unexpected or unconventional one.  It's a subtle way of saying "I believe in your ability to adjust and adapt to new experiences."  Her business card says "Easeful Ways" on it.  Yep. That's it.  She teaches life gentle and smooth, all the way into the core of the inner person.     Kip Leitner      Computer Programmer, Musician
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