A Center for Remembering our Wholeness
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“You cannot solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.”  -Albert Einstein- Dance with your delightful Self I believe that the potential to be whole is inherent and accessible to all of us! I work with you to rekindle and restore your connection with your inherent, joyful self. I use a unique combination of the Alexander Work, Reiki, intentional movement and other intuitive based systems with each of my clients. Using touch, movement, voice and sound, I will assist you in fine-tuning your self-awareness and releasing restrictive patterns to facilitate transformation and the experience of a lightened sense of being. I have been teaching the Alexander Work over the past 25 years, both in Europe and in the US. I graduated from the Alexander Alliance Philadelphia in 1988. I am part of the teaching staff of The Philadelphia School of The Alexander Technique, and the Alexander Alliance in Germany. I teach private sessions and group classes.
I am a Reiki Master/Teacher using Reiki over the last 30 years.I teach all four levels and give private sessions. I tailor my work depending on the wants and needs of each client, to empower and facilitate people to become their own masters in creating a life that includes more joy and celebration of who they are. About Me In my native Switzerland I performed in experimental theater, to safely explore my emotions, as a means of self-expression and to share creatively different worldviews. My love of movement lead me to the innovative “Ecole Jaques Lecoq” in Paris, to study theater improvisation, character building through expressive and neutral masques. There we were asked to identify with, become and express in movement the essence of elements, colors, animals, plants, sound and nature. This study of paying attention and listening from a neutral space inside before bringing in an intention I continue to use with people now. As a member of our theater company and intentional community in Europe, our emphasis was on sharing our daily and creative lives, creating our performances by improvising together to find stories that called for a more sustainable, cooperative and affirming way of life. Experiencing the transformation in my theater colleagues, friends and my self in an Alexander session, inspired me to study the Alexander Technique in more depth. My interest in more subtle ways of healing lead me to Reiki and other healing modalities after I moved with my partner to the USA in 1980. I felt drawn to explore and heal myself and help others to expand into their well- being and expression of their creative selves. My emphasis became to facilitate transforming of old conditioning and habits, to a deep listening into oneself, learning to trust the expression of more ease and joy. Today this is what I will help you with. I will facilitate your listening to yourself and the answers that you have already inside. We will connect with and move you towards your wholeness and development in whatever field is dear to you. Together we embark on an exiting journey of Self-Awareness, Transformation and Discovery. I look forward working with you.