A Center for Remembering our Wholeness
ZOANA’S PLACE Reiki 	  	    	 Attuning to Universal Life Force   Reiki is a technique that is passed from person to person.  It will connect you to a higher aspect of yourself beyond the conscious mind, which has its own intelligence.  By making contact with this  level the receiver will draw to themselves more harmony.  Reiki is a gentle and effective transformational tool - it won't interfere with any other treatment, and can enhance  the preventive and healing properties of other methods.  There are four levels being taught: 	  	  	 First degree allows the Reiki energy to flow through ones hands within a physical contact.  Second degree transmits the Reiki energy through space and time without direct physical contact. 		  Third degree strengthens the connection to ones essence. 	    	 Fourth degree is the teacher training. 	 I give private sessions and teach all four levels in groups or in private sessions.  I am a Reiki master/teacher using Reiki effectively over the last 30 years. TESTEMONIALS
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