A Center for Remembering our Wholeness
Intentional Movement: At the core we are all intelligent, beautiful, loving beings of light. We can tap into these qualities of our innermost being and allow them to consciously influence and guide our life. This is a beautiful process of self-empowerment.  It moves you, step by step, toward what is truly valuable to you. It can be applied to all areas of your life. Intentional Movement has various forms. I use it in my healing sessions with Reiki, singing bowls, voice and movement, both in private sessions and groups I facilitate and invite you to find and receive your own guidance and learn to trust it.  The process and the results are surprising, intuitive, graceful, healing and empowering.
Sacred Dance, Authentic Movement: working in groups “Sacred”, because we listen deeply into ourselves to what wants to be expressed and follow effortlessly the impulses that arise out of this kind of listening. We create various ways of interacting,  which allow both for being the mover and being the recipient of another person’s movement.  This, in turn, allows for a give and take between all participants that is truly expansive, healing and of great beauty.
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