A Center for Remembering our Wholeness
Everytime I asked myself if I should do this ,I heard a clear YES inside me. I decided to listen and do it.Through the next 3 weeks one fear after the other showed its face. I accepted and worked with them by myself and with others. Then I stood in front of the fire itself. I felt a calm invitation to step into it and walk-. Soon the calm feeling was exchanged with the emotion of joy- the joy to say yes to life, the wonder to be alive and so fully present in the moment.
walk on fire
  I learned to walk on fire - a way from from fear to joy             whith Walter Honegger
I had put out that I was wanting to let go of all my fears and along came an invitation from my brother to join a firewalk seminar to become a firewalk trainer. I heard myself say a joyful „yes“ as he called. After that I looked at the seminar website and I wondered why I had said yes so quickly. I called back and said I needed some time to decide. 
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The first “walk on fire” organiced by my brother and me  -  October 6, 2012